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ArnhemFlat wire drawing deburring machine

Flat wire drawing deburring machine-grinding process:
Wide-width sanding belt and roller brush universal grinding group
Conveying method:
Vacuum adsorption/magnetic adsorption, combined with high-damping wear-resistant rubber belt conveyor

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Product introduction PRODUCT INTRODUCTION

Flat wire drawing Arnhemdeburring machine-grinding process
Wide-width sanding belt and roller brush universal grinding group

Conveying method
Vacuum adsorption/magnetic adsorption, combined with high-damping wear-resistant rubber belt conveyor

Control system
1: Mitsubishi/Siemens programmable control system
2: Frequency conversion drive system
3: Servo positioning system
4: Roller brush automatic compensation system
5: Fault alarm prompt

Suitable workpiece
Iron plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate, etc.

Processing effect
The surface of the workpiece has snowflake texture, and the appearance is uniform and rounded

Functional features
1: Wire drawing on the workpiece surface to remove burrs and slag
2: Uniform chamfering can be achieved around the workpiece and the inner hole
3: Equipped with imported fans or magnetic adsorption, it can meet 50*50mm small workpiece product adsorption
4: Roller brush abrasive standard automatic compensation memory function
5: Automatic memory of process parameters when the machine is powered off
6: Intelligent induction protection
7: Vacuum chamber self-Arnhemcleaning function
8: Abrasive replacement reminder function
9: Matching industrial vacuum cleaner

Suitable for workpiece technology
1: Suitable for burr and sharp edge removal of metal sheets produced by brick tower punching, laser cutting, flame cutting, NCT, die stamping, shearing and other processing, edge correction and chamfering;
2: The roller brush mechanism can achieve non-damaging deburring treatment for film-coated plates and galvanized plates;
3: Suitable for heavy-duty grinding that requires large chamfers and retains the oxide skin on the surface of the workpiece.

Machine technical parameters
Processing density: 800/1050/1300/1600mm
Processing thickness: 0.5-100mm
Feeding speed: 0.5-8m/min
Belt speed: 14-20r/s
Roller brush speed: 9-20r/s
Maximum power: 29.60KW/35.70KW/50.30KW/61.20KW
Rated voltage: AC 380/50HZ
Air pressure range: 0.6-0.8MPA
Machine weight: 3600KG/4100KG/4400KG/5100KG



Consumables: 304 stainless steel magnetic needle, lapping fluid, brightener
Equipment accessory: siemens motor, siemens inverter, N50H High temperature resistant rubidium iron boron strong magnetic
Off-the-shelf finished goods, Can be customized according to customer requirements

  • 厂家直供Manufacturer direct supply
  • 匠心品质Quality of craftsmanship
  • 安装方便Easy installation Easy to use
  • 强磁终身质保Strong magnetic lifetime warranty


Fast speed, with a single grinding and polishing time of 8-15 minutes. After grinding and polishing, it does not deform and does not affect accuracy;


Remove burrs, chamfers, welding spots, oxide scales, polishing and cleaning in one go, saving time and effort. One person can operate multiple machines;


High strength, low resistance, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, simple installation, and long service life;


Completed by hot-dip galvanizing method, suitable for various strong corrosive environments such as strong acid, alkali mist, etc;


Workpieces and steel needles can be easily separated using a steel needle separator or stainless steel separation screen, saving labor and time;

Magnetic Deburring Machine PRODUCT DISPLAY

Range of application SCOPE OF USE

Widely used in hotels, shopping malls, textiles, chemical fibers, petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing, instrumentation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, food, medical, warehousing, office buildings, as well as subway, civil air defense, basement and other engineering projects for air supply, exhaust, and smoke exhaust pipes.

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GuanGu magnetic deburring machine advantages PRODUCT ADVANTAGE
  • 故障率低

    First line brand accessories, low failure rate

  • 操作简单

    Simple operation, one person to operate more than one

  • 不伤工件

    Does not damage the workpiece, does not affect the accuracy

  • 成本低

    Low consumable loss and low cost

  • 无死角

    Inner hole, special-shaped hole and blind hole can be ground and polished

  • 应用广

    Suitable for all kinds of materials, all kinds of shapes